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Mac´n´cheese casserole with minced meat and bacon

Big casseroles are mom´s best helpers: you´ll feed your family for a couple of days or you can serve casserole for Sunday lunch for extended family. Either way – this is a win-win -recipe!

We eat mostly gluten and lactose free food because it´s easiest. I have to eat gluten free food due to coeliac disease and me and my husband find lactose free products easiest on our digestion. For me as the primary chef in our household it´s most convenient to prepair food that suit all of us – including picky eaters.

This casserole is easy to do. I don´t cook the pasta, I just cook and season the minced meat and then mix them is a large oven casserole. Mix milk and eggs – an hour in the oven – voilá! Delicious!

Mac´n´cheese casserole with minced meat and bacon ( GF, LF)

500g (naturally) gluten free pasta

700g minced meat

n. 1,5-2 l lactose free milk/water/bouillon

3-4 eggs

150g bacon

200g lactose free grated cheese

(2 seasoning cubes of ready made bouillon if you don´t use bouillon in liquid form)

2 tea spoons of cajun/pepper seasoning mix/other spices

  1. Cook the minced meat on a frying pan. Season it with cubes of ready made bouillon and/or with other spices.
  2. Pour the uncooked pasta into oven casserole. Mix the pasta and minced meat.
  3. Prepair the egg and milk mixture: pour part of the milk/bouillon/water/soya milk into a mixing bowl and brake the eggs. Stirr with a fork. Then pour the mixture into tha casserole. Add enough liquid that pasta and minced meat is covered and that there´s about 2 cm liquid above them.
  4. Add the bacon. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the bacon.
  5. Bake in 200 degrees (Celsius) for an hour. Let the casserole rest for a while before serving.
  6. Enjoy!